Royal Oak Citadel’s 90th Anniversary Weekend!

For the past twenty years, I have been attending the Royal Oak Citadel Corps of the Salvation Army in the USA Central Territory, Eastern Michigan Division. I was dedicated there by Dan & Rebecca Sjogren, raised up there, began my spiritual walk with the Lord, started my musical career, and much more! I am privileged to celebrate the Corps’ ninety-year anniversary this weekend, starting tonight and lasting all the way through Sunday. We will have all kinds of guests coming from the weekend from all over the Territory. Our special guests for the weekend include Chicago Staff Bandmaster Bill Himes (OF), James Curnow, Captain Sally Broughton, and Commissioners Barry & Sue Swanson.

We will be having an Army of Stars dinner tonight where we honor all of the community-driven programs of our Corps, featuring the YP Band and the Singing Company. Friday, the Band and Songsters will have a rehearsal with Bill, Jim, and Sally for the next day’s festivals. On Saturday, there will be a golf-outing, pancake breakfast, alumni Band/Songster rehearsals, and a banquet all leading up to the special anniversary concert. The most important day of the weekend is Sunday when we worship together at the bound-to-be-over-capacity Royal Oak Citadel Corps.

We’re looking forward to a great weekend! As I will not be able to live-tweet the concert (since I’m in the concert), a review/recap will be posted here after the weekend. We are looking forward to a wonderful weekend celebrating ninety years of faithfulness at the Royal Oak Citadel Corps!


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