Auld lang syne

I reckon I’m a bit overdue for a post (granted, it’s been over a year since my last one) but HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!

It’s 2016, the year of the Monkey, “Rogue One: A Star Wars Story,” the end of the Ransomed Class Golden Age, and the list goes on! Before we look onto the future, let’s reflect on all that TroyFred Productions has accomplished during the year 2015:

Festival Arrangement – Radiance

Song Arrangement – Thrift Shop

Congregational Song – My Hope!

Overture – Fancy Faves, vol. 2

Happy to hear that “Radiance” (formerly called “Illuminate“) has been used quite a bit across the US at Salvation Army music schools in Kansas, Indiana, Florida, and more recently at the Dearborn Heights Citadel Thanksgiving Concert. “Thrift Shop” found its usage with the Salvation Army Student Fellowship Band of Asbury University during the Spring 2015 semester.

The congregational accompaniment to “The Solid Rock” was written for usage in Asbury’s production of “Once Upon a Mattress,” to which I led the pit orchestra for. That will be reworked in due course for my upcoming senior composition recital, but more on that later. “Fancy Faves, vol. 2” was an overture of pop songs, much like the first volume, used for the preliminary music for the 2015 Fall Variety Show.

In addition to those pieces, 2015 also saw the creation of my first original choral piece of music, “Nevermore.” That was a long and new process for me, but it seems to have paid off. It’s an idea I have wanted to do for so long so I am glad that it is the first of many new choral pieces to come.

The second minor motion picture for TroyFred Productions, entitled “More than Conquerors” was also finished and had its premiere showing at Wonderland Camp & Conference Center this year. Starring Caleb Woodard and Kate Lundy, it features the story of a girl who believes the redeeming power of Christ can even reach the heart of a boy caught in the middle of a gangwar. “More than Conquerors” will be posted on here in due course in on the “Videos” page. Many thanks to Caleb, Kate, and the many people who were instrumental in making this low-budget production become a reality.

The final noteworthy aspect of 2015 has been the opportunity to score a film at Asbury University. Juniors Claire Lafferty and Sheridan Swathwood were in need of orchestral music to accompany their amazing short film “My Time” and the offer came to TroyFred Productions. It took three months but we were glad to be of service to help Lafferty and Swathwood tell their story.

There are many new pieces to come for 2016. As mentioned before, there are a lot of numbers I will have to write for my upcoming composition recital, which will hopefully be in the Fall of 2016. Some of the pieces I have in mind for that event (but am not totally sold on) are:

  • Fanfare treatment of transMission’s “Christ for the World
  • TTBB choral work for male quartet group Scherzo
  • Solo for Oboe & piano
  • Extended work featuring the Anchored Class Hymn “The Solid Rock”
  • Updated arrangement of “My Hope” for brass band
  • Benediction based on “All my hope on God is founded” (Hymn tune Michael)
  • Meditation based/devotional item based on either Proverbs 3:5-6 or “Your Grace Still Amazes Me
  • Latin arrangement of “Jesus Loves Me” (cuz why not?)

Also in the wheelhouse for TroyFred Productions is an extended brass band work for the USA Southern Territorial Band (B/M Nick Simmons Smith) and a foray into the concert band scene for the Asbury University Concert Band (Director of Bands: Dr. Glen Flanigan). Why the title “Bandmaster” and “Director of Bands” are different, I have no idea…but I digress.

Here’s to what will be an amazing 2016 so long as we put our hope not in worldly things but in our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ!

– Mbesi





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