Spring Breakers!

Hello, y’all! Hope you’re doing well! It’s been a couple of months since I have last updated you on my endeavors but I have had enough going on to keep me busy. Being an Asburian music major has kept me on my toes with things such as sonata analysis, piano exams, music history quizzes, and so on and so forth.

Spring Break is coming up in a week or so and I’m very excited. I’m going to North Carolina to have some quality, relaxing time with some friends so I’m looking forward to that. For Easter, I’ll be with my friend Mason’s family for the weekend. It’s what I did last year and it’s seeming to become a tradition.

On the compositional side, things have been booming. I’m nearing completion of a new choral work which will be performed on March 24th at an upcoming recital featuring the composition projects of the freshmen and sophomore theorists, in addition to the works of myself and three other students who are all studying under Dr. Adam Sovkoplas, composer and theory instructor at Eastern Kentucky University. Also on the way is the creation of a new Oboe solo for my good friend Adam Schell, affectionately referred to as “Son of the Music Man.” Thanks to the positive feedback I’ve received from my score of Claire Lafferty’s short film “In Time,” I have been asked by Lucas Green to score his film “Nerds,” which is intended to be featured in the 2016 Highbridge Film Festival. I am excited to work with Lucas and am a huge fan of his filmography; heck I even starred in one of his short films. You can watch that here:



Next semester, I’ll be hosting and planning my own composition recital. So, a number of my works will be featured. Of those already written, I’m currently planning on including “The Following” and an updated rendition of “My Hope” intended for congregational accompaniment. There will be a (pardon my French) butt-load of new compositions that will have their premiere. One that I’m really excited for will be one I’m dedicating to my graduating class “The Anchored Class of 2017,” but more on that later. It will feature our Class Hymn, “The Solid Rock.” This will be the finale of the recital in a way so the recital will end how it begins. That’ll be great.

This weekend will be an exciting one because I’m going home!

…well, sort of. The Asbury University Concert/Jazz Bands will be going to Muskegon, MI for their annual Spring Tour. Be in prayer for our ministry as we give our musical offerings to the Lord.

That’s all for now. Stay tuned for more updates.

Keep your head on a swivel!

F. Mbesi