Choral Arrangement – Anchored!


SATB + Piano (optional brass & drum kit)

Needing to write one more piece of music for my composition recital, I turned to the choral genre once more. I was looking to write something that had great contrast to the other choral work in my recital, Give to Jesus Glory, so I wanted something upbeat, catchy, and fun-sounding. Also, because of the lack of time it needed to be easy to learn. So the end result is Anchored: a piece of music which is a bit of a nod to my fellow senior class members, the Anchored Class.

You’ll hear references to our Class Hymn “On Christ the Solid Rock I Stand,” the hymn tune Michael to which the words “All my hope on God is founded” are associated,” “Cornerstone, etc.” With all that and optional praise pak scoring (brass + drum kit), this piece of music is a paean of praise to God for being our firm foundation.



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