Song Arrangement – Glad You Came


(Triumph Series, 2014)

An arrangement of the dance-pop song by the British/Irish boy band “The Wanted.”

I actually prefer the cover of  this song by American metal-core band “We Came as Romans” over the  original, (which I personally think is absolutely dreadful) so references from that version appear in this arrangement.

It’s rather funny how this arrangement came to be. It was late one night and I was listening to the song on YouTube and I got the idea of doing an arrangement of it. Three hours later, I find myself finishing the arrangement and adding it onto this very website. I must say, I’m really good at writing music in the late/early hours…of course, I’ll be kicking myself during church in the morning.

The original cover of the song from “We Came as Romans” can be viewed here:



Glad You Came


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