Meditation – In His Hands

Meditation – In His Hands

(General Series Scoring, 2017)

For those of you keeping up with my life, you will know that I have just moved to the Eastern Pennsylvania & Delaware (Pendel) Division to take up a Music Director position with the Salvation Army “straight outta Asbury.” Well, the transition into full-blown adulthood has been a struggle, that’s for sure. I would say that, even after six months or so of living on my own, I am still adjusting to this new season of my life. New challenges are met on a regular basis.

A song that has brought me peace comes from Commissioner Stanley Ditmer, “I’m in His Hands.” The song speaks of being assured that while you may be in a stormy season of your life, God has a plan and we need to trust and believe in that plan. My favorite line has to be “the days I cannot see have all been planned for me; His way is best, you see.”

So in regular fashion, it has been on my heart to write an arrangement of the song. I already featured an arrangement of “I’m in His Hands” in an earlier piece of music, “Chronicles of Faith,” so this meditative setting is standalone arrangement based on that one but with some differences. Much like the version in “Chronicles of Faith,” this setting also makes use of Phil Laeger’s contemporary take on the song. Phil, along with Marty Mikhles, were musical special guests at the Pendel Divisional Pilgrimage and they performed their “I’m in His Hands” along with the Pendel Brass.



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