Congregational Song – My Hope!

Congregational Song – My Hope!

(Orchestra, 2015)/(Brass Band, 2016)

Back in September, I was asked to be the Bandmaster of this year’s Sophomore Musical. This year the class was putting on “Once Upon a Mattress,”otherwise known as “The Princess and the Pea.” Remembering how the Ransomed Class ended their musical with them all singing their class hymn, I figured we would do the same and took the initiative to pen a little congregational accompaniment to it for my pit orchestra.

This is a Western-themed arrangement of the hymn tune “The Solid Rock,” which is the class hymn for the Anchored Class of 2017 at Asbury University. This was written to conclude each performance of “Once Upon a Mattress.”

The second set of links feature the new four-verse accompaniment of the hymn, rearranged for the Salvation Army Student Fellowship Band at Asbury University to perform at the composer’s Senior recital.




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