Oboe Solo – Schelltic Praise!

Oboe Solo – Schelltic Praise!

(Oboe + Piano)

About two years ago, I was on tour with the Glee Club and Handbell Choir (what a combo, am I right?). I remember one piece the Handbell choir did was called Celtic Praise, but it also featured my friend Adam Schell as accompanist on oboe. He is a brilliant oboe player and an even more brilliant friend, as I have learned over the past couple of years. When the topic of my composition recital came into play and I needed to start planning/writing repertoire, I thought it would be cool to write Adam a solo.

So for source material, I asked him about his testimony and the result is this ternary-based solo. There are references to his class hymn In Christ Alone hidden within the musical texture of the piece.


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