Welcome to the source of all things TroyFred Productions-related, whether that be films, video promotions or brass band compositions/arrangements. We’re so happy to have you here!

TroyFred Productions, Inc. (also known as TFP) is a Michigan-based company that will create and distribute films and music to the general public. The business was founded by Troy Thielke and Fred Mbesi in 2008.


Here you will find updates on all of our endeavors, whether they be video-related or music-related.


3 thoughts on “Home”

  1. Thanks Fred really appreciate and welcome the update. Looking forward to it God is so good. Our corps band is gearing up for our annual GA Concert next month with Sheldon as our guest conductor. Then we off to Ft Frances Ontario for their 100th corps anniversary. we are guests. God is so good all the time. Keep me posted. Stay safe, stay warm and stay faithful. He sure is! Jerome – Bermuda Division

  2. Hey Fred – Blessed Holidays to you and your family. Sad to hear of RSAs passing yesterday in the UK. He is now resting in the arms of his Lord he so faithfully served!
    B/M Jerome Astwood
    SA WECC Band
    Bermuda Division

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